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Everything You're Missing: Echosec for Marketing and PR Agencies

In marketing and pr, location-based insights need to be instantly available and as unfiltered as possible. Loss of information due to time delay or inaccurate details from unreliable sources can incur financial consequences and expose clients and their brands  to potential damage.


How Social Monitoring Helps Today’s Brands

Brands that acknowledge and embrace the power of location-based social media are getting ahead of the pack, from staying on top of viral firestorms to interacting and engaging with customers.


Using Geofencing Technology In Business Intelligence

Social media monitoring tools that leverage location-first data are making a difference in business intelligence as they provide real-time insights that were previously inaccessible.


Using Echosec for Corporate Security

To a professional working in the field of corporate security, the value of actionable intelligence cannot be overstated.  Any loss of reliable information can incur financial consequences and expose clients and their assets to the risk of harm.

Case Study

Case Study: Bellingcat

Bellingcat has adopted Echosec as a primary tool in the work of its contributors, but it has also conducted workshops for journalists in which they demonstrate the effectiveness of the platform. Read the case study to find out why!


Echosec Brochure

Read the brochure to see how teams across the globe are leveraging Echosec to get situational awareness from any location and about any topic in the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the technology work?

At its core, Echosec is a web application that leverages location-based data to search for social media and other open source information. The base technology relies on a healthy mix of API requests directly to social media networks, as well as to third party information repositories. In less than a second, our service is capable of contacting all of the services we tap into, aggregating and normalizing their response.

Can you access private posts and accounts?

No, the results of a location search on Echosec only include publicly available and geo-tagged posts.
The results of a username search on Echosec also only includes the publicly available posts from the account. Echosec’s concern with international privacy legislation and system reliability has led to hosting our distributed data stores around the globe. This allows individuals worldwide to access information through Echosec in accordance with their local privacy laws.


Can you add (insert new social media source here)?

Probably. We are looking to add new social media and open source data feeds all the time. Before we can add any feed, however, we have to make sure that is both publicly available and legal for us to obtain it. Please contact us if you have a specific feed in mind.

How do I get started with Echosec?

  • Go to: app.echosec.net
  • Follow the instructions to create your account.
  • Follow the billing instructions.
  • Start Searching!
For even more data, use Echosec Social Sign-in to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Please let us know if you run into any problems with this process

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