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High Profile Athlete Dodges a Bullet

The Challenge?

During the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, an executive protection team needed to ensure the safety of their client, a high-profile athlete, throughout the duration of the event. The client was going to be moving between transportation hubs, multiple event venues, and hotels—and the team needed eyes on all of those locations in order to keep their client safe.

Threat En Route

The Echosec team worked with the team to set up multiple geofences around all of the athlete’s locations—including travel routes. They attached keyword filters to these searches so that any mention of a potential threat in those locations appeared on social media, the team would be alerted.

On the final day of the event, the system detected a social media post that detected the presence of a handgun near the athlete’s intended exit airport.

Action Taken, Risk Diverted

The team deemed this post as enough of a threat to change the athlete’s travel plans and reroute them to a different exit airport and returned home safely.

The security company has established itself as being on the cutting edge of technology, which gives them a significant competitive leg up. The company continues to use Echosec to bolster its security detail at events around the world, to improve situational awareness on the ground, and ensure the safety of its clients.

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