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Detecting Multilingual Threats in Online Data

Nefarious groups often use fringe networks to plan attacks, and defense teams must be able to access and interpret these conversations quickly in order to prevent attacks.

In this session, we walk through several examples of foreign language threats and threat indicators originating on messaging app networks accessible via the Echosec Systems Platform.


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Why Echosec Systems?

On-the-ground security threats often begin with online chatter. As new social platforms emerge and fringe networks gain traction, it is increasingly difficult to identify and monitor security threats within the conversations taking place online. 

Echosec Systems solves this problem by delivering streamlined access to this data and allows users to zero in on specific keyword and location-based content for effective prioritization.

We're best known for:

  • Speed to InsightAccelerate your information discovery process with real-time data and quick search functionality
  • UsabilityUsers are effective on day one, and training time is significantly reduced
  • Breadth of DataGlobal coverage, fringe social networks, deep web, dark web, and discussion forums.

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