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Echosec [Systems] Named a Sample Vendor by Gartner in Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar: Security in Manufacturing

VICTORIA, BC, January 13, 2021–Alongside 2020’s digital transformation, a new landscape of digital and physical threats has emerged, creating an added layer of security requirements for enterprises and governments. The FBI reported a 300% increase in daily cybersecurity complaints since the onset of the pandemic, and this number is expected to increase as cyber attackers continue to capitalize on new vulnerabilities.

An analyst skills shortage, paired with an overwhelming volume of new threat data has resulted in security teams missing critical risk indicators simply because they can’t keep up. “Alert fatigue” is a prevalent issue–intelligence tools must simplify the analyst’s workflow in order to alleviate the burden and avoid critical mistakes.

Threat intelligence software companies are progressing to meet the demands of frequent and sophisticated cyber attacks. In a recent report by Gartner, “New providers are expanding capabilities to cover the whole spectrum of digital risks, stretching to the cyber-physical layer and public cloud environments.” The report named Echosec Systems as one of the Sample Vendors for digital risk protection solutions (DRPS). 

“[DRPS] solutions provide visibility into the clear (surface) web, dark web and deep web sources to identify potential threats to critical assets and provide contextual information on threat actors and the tactics and processes utilized to conduct malicious activity.”

Gartner, “Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar: Security in Manufacturing”, Barika Pace, Alexander Hoeppe, Ruggero Contu, Katell Thielemann, 16 November 2020.

About Echosec Systems: 
Echosec Systems engineers threat intelligence solutions for organizations with specific, complex intelligence requirements. Their software makes hidden online data more accessible by enabling organizations to leverage online chatter to detect both physical threats (like terrorist activity), as well as cyber threats (like ransomware and data breaches), as early as possible. Echosec Systems delivers access to one of the most comprehensive breadths of data on the market, and continues to integrate new technologies and partnerships to fill security gaps. To learn more about Echosec Systems’ solutions, request a consultation.