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Echosec Systems and Webhose Deliver Unrivalled Breadth of Data with API Solution


VICTORIA BC, October 27, 2020—Echosec Systems, with support from their data partner Webhose, now delivers API access to the most diverse range of threat intelligence feeds on the market. The partnership enables customers to access Webhose data, which covers standard social, deep, and dark web feeds, via the Echosec Systems API. The API already specializes in uniquely-sourced data from more obscure social platforms and paste sites. 

This increased data coverage means that users are less likely to overlook critical risks online—especially on fringe sites that are not commonly offered via commercial API.

Echosec Systems first partnered with Webhose in 2019 to add dark web monitoring capabilities to the Echosec Systems Platform. The Platform had previously focused on mapping social media data.

Now, the partnership gives Echosec Systems API users the ability to:

  • Pivot seamlessly between mainstream and obscure social media networks and deep and dark web data sources
  • Spend less time manually searching individual networks
  • Access semi-closed groups or platforms without a moniker
  • Gain exposure to lesser-known or inconspicuous data sources
  • Retrieve a wider variety of raw data ideal for data science applications like machine learning development


"Webhose has the best breadth of data for our clients," said Michael Raypold, Echosec Systems' CTO. "Our goal is to provide the fastest and most effective way to navigate all online spaces so customers can avoid silos and access a comprehensive solution."

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“We are proud to deliver Echosec [Systems’] access to comprehensive and relevant deep and dark web data so that their customers can expand their threat intelligence, find and mitigate threats more quickly, and keep their organizations safe,” said Ran Geva, CEO of Webhose.

Echosec Systems will discuss the importance of data diversity for threat intelligence and where many commercial APIs fall short in their upcoming webinar, Wednesday, October 28th, 2020. Register here.

About Echosec Systems Ltd.:
Echosec Systems is a threat intelligence and digital risk protection company. We gather billions of data points from dark web, deep web, social media, and other online networks to support government intelligence, security teams, and corporate entities with real-time and near real-time information. Our platform and API are used extensively for counterterrorism, transportation security, situational awareness during global events, and cyber threat detection. Learn more about Echosec Systems.

About Webhose
Webhose is the leading data collection provider turning unstructured web content into machine-readable data feeds. It delivers comprehensive, up-to-the-minute coverage of the open web that includes millions of news articles and blog posts in addition to vast coverage of online discussions, forums and review sites in all languages. Webhose also offers a dark web monitoring and data breach detection service that provides coverage of the dark networks and includes millions of sites, files, marketplaces and messaging platforms crawled daily. Learn more about

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