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Echosec Systems Launches New Customer Success Resource

May 20, 2020

Echosec Systems is set to launch Echosec Essentials, a digital course for new and existing customers to elevate their user experience and ensure faster, more relevant data discovery. 

Echosec is a social media monitoring tool that aggregates data from 18 different sources using advanced filtering techniques and geospatial technology. Organizations worldwide rely on Echosec for a multitude of uses—retail security, brand awareness and reputation, crisis monitoring, and executive protection, to name a few. 

Grace Tilmont, Echosec Systems’ Head of Customer Success, designed the course to be both a quickstart guide and a reference point for new and existing Echosec users. Echosec Essentials is built on customer FAQs and valuable insider tips from the product team. The course’s short, detailed modules can be completed as a one-hour course or broken down into segments, and offer assignments to reinforce user knowledge. 


“The content is a compilation of my own experience using, teaching, and troubleshooting Echosec,” Grace said. “[During our soft launch of the course] we gathered feedback from both external and internal sample groups to discover common pain points and under utilized aspects of the user interface to create a course that covered the essentials.”

The Echosec Essentials Course is set to launch Thursday, May 21st, 2020 and will be immediately available to new and existing Echosec customers. 

About Echosec Systems Ltd. 

Echosec Systems delivers web-based data discovery tools for threat intelligence. Security teams across the globe trust Echosec Systems to provide a critical layer of information about events as they unfold, providing context and real-time information that helps mitigate risks, minimize damage, and keep people and organizations safe. The Echosec Systems Platform aggregates and filters public content from hundreds of sources, including social networks and the deep and dark web, giving users instant visibility into digital and real-world threats affecting their organization.
Media Contact: Ariel White | | 250-213-2221