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Echosec Systems Shares Insight on Machine Learning For Threat Detection

May 5, 2020

Software engineer Eric McLachlan shares some insight about what’s next for Echosec Systems, as the company’s development team prepares to release the Beta version of a brand new Machine Learning capability. 

Echosec Systems provides advanced data aggregation software that allows users to gain large-scale awareness of both physical and online threat landscapes for their organization. Delivering streamlined access to a multitude of data sources including social media, news, discussion boards, and underground forums. The platform detects risks early–to mitigate damage and help organizations predict and even prevent attacks. 

Eric joins the Echosec Systems team as a Senior Developer in Cape Town, South Africa. With a background in Computer Science and Computational Linguistics, he brings an innovative vision for Echosec Systems’ pursuit into advanced Machine Learning capabilities. This technology, while still under wraps, will unlock limitless potential for The Echosec Systems Platform. It offers a multi-dimensional, intelligence-based capability to searches by adding depth and meaning to language rather than aggregating data using individual keywords alone. The result? A clear, high-level search result that gives organizations exactly what they are looking for, without all the clutter.

Eric“We are crawling so much data on a daily basis,” said Eric. “Our tools have the ability to concentrate the results of searches to very specific organizational requirements, yet we know it is nearly impossible for the average human to find everything that’s out there. It makes sense to automate that process by teaching computers to do this aggregation on our behalf".

"Instead of being given black and white data, you are being given a technicolour view of the open, deep and dark web and the potential of this is massive,” said Eric. Whether organizations are using the tools to identify an active threat to their personnel or brand reputation, or expose data breaches and other online threats to their organization, this technology will allow for more accessibility to the data that matters. The Beta version will be available to users next month.

About Echosec Systems Ltd. 

Echosec Systems delivers web-based data discovery tools for threat intelligence. Security teams across the globe trust Echosec Systems to provide a critical layer of information about events as they unfold, providing context and real-time information that helps mitigate risks, minimize damage, and keep people and organizations safe. The Echosec Systems Platform aggregates and filters public content from hundreds of sources, including social networks and the deep and dark web, giving users instant visibility into digital and real-world threats affecting their organization.

Media Contact: Ariel White | | 250-213-2221