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Echosec Systems Helps Organizations Stay Threat-Informed During COVID-19 Pandemic

March 30, 2020 

Echosec Systems is operating at full capacity to bring its global clients accurate, up-to-date information related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The Echosec Systems Platform is uncovering a number of pandemic-related alerts from social media and dark web sources that are keeping organizations safer and more informed.

The global impact of the virus continues to increase at an extraordinary speed. This is having detrimental economic effects expected to last well beyond the lifespan of the virus. However, cybercrime remains a lucrative business even during the economic downturn. The public’s fear and desperate need for information is creating an ideal environment for threat actors to exploit.

Individuals, businesses, healthcare systems and public sector entities should be on the watch for:

  • Phishing scams. Attackers will use phishing emails under the guise of a trusted entity, like the WHO, to request secure information such as login credentials, passwords or financial information. Phishing emails may also contain downloadable links that contain dangerous malware. 
  • Targeted malware attacks. A recent example includes an incident in a Czech Republic hospital where criminals used malware to seize life-supporting technology and patient information in exchange for monetary ransom, resulting in medically compromised patients being transferred to a nearby hospital.
  • Medical supply scams. Criminals have been known to create fake stores or websites that claim to sell high-demand medical resources including face masks, respiratory ventilators and “diagnostic” scanners without providing real products.
  • Treatment scams. Hidden dark web marketplaces selling counterfeit treatments, vaccines, and potentially dangerous practices claiming to be a cure for the virus at a high-ticket price have been popping up
  • Maps and other COVID-19 data applications designed to infect devices with malware.
  • Misinformation campaigns on social media and other forms of communication. 
  • Public posts on social networks indicating any of these threats, either by victims or the threat actors themselves. 

“Our team is aware of the increased risk to organizations during this time of uncertainty and economic instability,” said Karl Swannie, Echosec Systems CEO..”Many companies are transitioning to a remote work format and the opportunity for a security breach is considerably higher. We are working closely alongside security teams to support them in collecting necessary data to help detect compromised information so we can mitigate risks."

About Echosec Systems Ltd. 

The Echosec Systems Platform delivers web-based data discovery tools for threat intelligence. Security teams across the globe trust Echosec Systems to provide a critical layer of information about events as they unfold, providing context and real-time information that helps mitigate risks, minimize damage, and keep people and organizations safe. The Platform aggregates and filters public content from hundreds of sources, including social networks, and the deep and dark web, giving users instant visibility into digital and real-world threats affecting their organization.

Media Contact: Ariel White | | 250-213-2221