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Echosec Systems Raising Series A

Feb 11, 2020

We are excited to announce that we are raising our Series A funding round.

Echosec Systems LTD. is a leader in digital threat intelligence and supports the world’s most influential organizations by providing tools and services that make hidden online data more accessible. 

Karl Swannie, Echosec Founder and CEO, sees huge potential with this investment:


“Echosec has the largest reach of any threat intelligence company. We have initiated contracts with the some of the largest organizations in the world. Now is the time to expand on these contracts and open new doors.”

- Karl Swannie, CEO

“We will solidify our position in the market and continue with our roadmap, which is designed to drive up annual contract value, lifetime contract value, and continued rapid growth.”

“We are looking for partners with experience in finance, security and enterprise SaaS.”

The raise will solidify Echosec Systems’ position as one of the leading data suppliers and visualization suites in the digital threat marketplace. 

Since founding in 2013, our company has built the global reach, key customers, inbound opportunities, technology, IP, and infrastructure to quickly grow ARR. 

About Echosec Systems

Echosec Systems scans hundreds of online data sources to help organizations identify relevant threat intelligence. The company works with a number of major global clients in defense, law enforcement, retail, and security to locate online threats and protect data, assets, and people.

For our executive summary and more information, contact karl@echosec.net.