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Echosec Systems Ltd. Showcasing Intelligence Solutions At DGI

Jan 16, 2019

The Echosec team will be in London on January  20 and 21, 2020 at the DGI summit, demonstrating their threat intelligence solutions.

Echosec Systems is a leader in online information discovery. Echosec solutions gather millions of posts from dark web marketplaces, social media sites, and discussion forums to deliver an unparalleled level of digital and physical security to its global users. This web-based threat and risk intelligence solutions allow organizations to rapidly detect critical online content so they can respond faster.

A particular focus for this year’s attendance at DGI is the prolific issue of passport fraud. Analysts report the Echosec platform uncovering close to 5,000 posts related to passport activities in a matter of minutes. Over 1,600 of these posts were from criminal vendors on the dark web, and 1,000 were crawled on discussion forums. Many of these posts include:

  • Passport vendors offering fake UK and EU passports with built-in security features, or PSD templates for customizable documents
  • Dark web forums containing discussions with users seeking and selling genuine stolen UK passports
  • Listings for other fraudulent documents, such as residence permits and driver's licenses, to offer comprehensive resident profiles

"Echosec began as a geospatial company, and has been providing digital risk and threat intelligence solutions to international clients for over five years.” says James Villeneuve, Chief Revenue Officer “With the threat landscape shifting, we are excited to be at DGI 2020 to showcase the evolution of our company and our solutions to a global audience."

- James Villeneuve, Echosec CRO

About Echosec Systems

Security teams worldwide trust Echosec Systems Ltd. to provide a critical layer of information about unfolding events. Whether the event is a natural disaster, a violent threat, or a planned attack against a high-risk individual, Echosec provides security solutions that deliver real time information to mitigate risk, minimize damage, and keep people and organizations safe.

Media Contact:

Paula Hingley, paula@echosec.net | 250-213-9916